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Roadmap to Auto QA ROI

Are you looking for ways to automate the quality assurance process in your contact center using AI but need help convincing other stakeholders?

We got you covered! 

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Download this quick guide to discover how you can effortlessly recoup your investment in AI-powered Auto QA within just four months, along with the amount of time and money you can save. Furthermore, learn about the advantages of MiaRec solutions that go beyond automation.

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Is Auto QA worth it?

Discover how much you can save and how quickly you'll see returns on your investment.

How do I convince others?

Learn how to set up goals and KPIs for the Auto QA business case and know what to expect.

What to expand the use of AI beyond automation?

Finally, we will discuss other ways to implement AI in your contact center to improve efficiency, gain customer insights, and empower agents.

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Whom is this eBook for?

This eBook is designed for contact center managers and customer service managers who want to learn about building an Auto QA business case and calculating its ROI.


This guide will assist you in defining objectives, establishing KPIs, and providing a clear and simple ROI calculation with step-by-step instructions.

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No. Here at MiaRec, we believe in educating our buyers and building trust. Bombarding you with spammy emails is going to accomplish the opposite.

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